Ritratti Metropolitani

Ritratti Metropolitani (RM) started in 2010 as an indipendent sperimental street photography project, which consisted in making portraits of passers-by who where willing to participate in the project through a fotografic dogma (RM format). The results where then filed and documented in their respective photographic session and publish in the on-line archive www.ritrattimetropolitani.ch

This research is moved by a basical philosophic motive: its main purpose consists in the attempt to give evidence of the fact that we can all be treated the same way.

The format of RM

In it's progression it refers to people of different social, cultural and religious background who fancy to get together under the glance to which this project aspires. After the first year the research gradually changed by putting its focus on the relation between the portrayed individual and the personal setting in which it moves, lives and exists. In proceeding this way, the project becomes more and more interdisciplinary by crossovering, among others, architecture, ethnography, anthropology and town planning.